Helping patients drink without having to call for help.

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• Improving patient experience
• Delivering efficiencies on the ward
• Clear cost reductions are possible
• Potential 70% reduction in plastic use


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A simple solution

The Water-Drop is a low-cost / high-impact innovative drinking system. It has been specifically designed for hospital patients, care home residents and vulnerable people in the community.

For simplicity - picture an intravenous drip system that is used orally. It is a simple, low-cost, single patient use, disposable product which fits in with the way the NHS and care homes work at an operational level.

How to use:
The Water-Drop is very easy to use. Once filled with fluids it is designed to be easily attached, (by using the hang point, metal hook or Velcro strap) to a wide range of things which make it easy to access – such as a drip stand, bed rail, back of a chair, drawer handle, wheelchair frame and so on. The user then simply bites the non-return valve at the end of the tube to release fluids in an easy to control flow.

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