Helping patients drink without having to call for help.

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• Improving patient experience
• Delivering efficiencies on the ward
• Clear cost reductions are possible
• Potential 70% reduction in plastic use


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The potential reductions in material cost and plastic use

The pictures below set out the stark differences in material cost and plastic use when just one I/V drip is prevented by using The Water-Drop as an early intervention in preventing dehydration:

  • The Water-Drop
  • Cost = £3.50 - £4.00
  • Plastic used: 90 grammes
  • Recyclable


  • 24 hour I/V drip
  • Cost for all of the various
    components = £18.00 - £20.00
  • Plastic used: 300 grammes
  • Non-recyclable as contaminated

Potential reductions for each 24 hour period

Material costs reduced by up to 80%

Plastic use reduced by up to 70%

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